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While autonomous driving is widely known to be classified into six levels to define the ability of automation of vehicles, China recently unveiled the world"s first classification for the artificial intelligence dialogue system. The AI dialogue system, which enables users to control smart devices through voice commands, has witnessed explosive growth in recent years. Represented by XiaoAi and XiaoDu AI assistants from domestic firms Xiaomi Corp and Baidu Inc and United States tech giant Google's dialogue robot Meena, AI dialogue systems have been widely used in virtual voice assistants, smart home devices and intelligent vehicles. Industry experts said that this

Virtual humans are expected to be applied in a wide range of industries like retail, finance, real estate, entertainment and education, fueled by artificial intelligence-based technology advancement, experts said on Thursday ahead of an important industry event. They predicted both digital human production costs and period will fall dramatically in the years to come. But they also stressed that the interactive experience with digital avatars will need to be further improved to give users a greater sense of reality when interacting with virtual humans. "With the breakthrough made in the artificial intelligence-powered algorithms, the production cost of digital humans will

China is emerging as a pioneer in artificial intelligence as it makes strides in filing AI patents and experimenting with the latest AI technology to power industrial applications, industry experts said. Their comments came after a Stanford University report that shows China filed more than half of all the world's AI patent applications last year and Chinese researchers produced about one-third of AI journal papers and AI citations in 2021. Wu Hequan, an academician at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said China has been working to build a solid foundation to support its AI economy and is making significant contributions