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The United States should roll back all the additional tariffs on Chinese imports as soon as possible. Such a rollback will benefit consumers and enterprises and safeguard global trade and industrial chains, Chinese officials and experts said on Thursday. Commenting on media reports that the US is weighing lifting levies on Chinese imports, Shu Jueting, spokeswoman of the Ministry of Commerce, said at a news conference that several Chinese and US think tanks and research institutes have estimated full rollback of the tariffs will have substantial effect on curbing runaway US domestic inflation. The earlier the US removes the tariffs,

Some 725 tons of vegetables began the last leg of their waterborne journey from Shanghai's Yangshan port northward to Tianjin on Wednesday, becoming the first Chinese coastal relay of international cargo by a foreign carrier, and proving that China is opening up its cabotage market to foreign carriers, said officials and industry experts. The produce, transported in 27 containers from Vancouver, Canada, was loaded onto the container vessel Merete Maersk at Yangshan on Tuesday. The coastal relay of goods by foreign carriers in Chinese territory is regarded as a breakthrough as it used to be strictly prohibited. Zhou Dequan, director