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For the first time, Chinese companies, including those in Taiwan province, have overtaken their US counterparts on the Fortune Global 500 list for 2022 in terms of total revenue. For the fourth consecutive year, China topped the annual list in terms of the number of companies. The United States and Japan followed with 124 and 47 enterprises, respectively. Unveiled on Wednesday, the global list for 2022 showed 145 Chinese companies contributed 31 percent of the total revenue of the world"s 500 largest corporations. And the 124 US companies in the list accounted for 30 percent. "Aggregate sales for the Fortune

The fifth Digital China Summit kicked off in Fuzhou, East China"s Fujian province on Saturday both online and offline. The two-day summit will focus on new innovation-driven changes and new digitalization-led landscapes in pursuing the Digital China initiative. Reports and new policies on digital development are expected to be released. Nearly 500 guests including officials, academicians and leading entrepreneurs will take part in the summit, consisting of an opening ceremony, a main forum, sub-forums, an innovation contest, a cloud ecology conference as well as exhibitions and affiliated activities.

China has the second-highest number of gazelle companies in the world, according to Hurun Global Gazelle Index list for 2021 released on Tuesday. Gazelle companies refer to start-ups founded in the 2000s that are worth over $500 million and are not yet listed on a public exchange and most likely to go "unicorn" or hit a valuation of $1 billion within three years. Among the 525 gazelle companies Hurun Research found in the world, 201 are from the US, ranking first on the list, with China at the second place with 171 gazelle companies. 2021 was officially the most successful