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HTC Corp has taken the initiative to establish a metaverse industry and technology alliance by teaming up with research institutes, companies and universities, including Future Mobile Communication Forum, China Mobile Research Institute, China Unicom Research Institute, Tsinghua University, and ZTE Corp. The move is part of HTC"s broader drive to strengthen technological exchanges and information sharing in the field of metaverse and strive to build an interconnected, mutually beneficial and compatible metaverse ecosystem. As a hot tech buzzword, metaverse refers to a shared virtual environment or digital space created by technologies including virtual reality and augmented reality. Charles Huang, corporate

The overall scale of China"s trade in services sector has exceeded the pre-pandemic levels, and the trade deficit has further narrowed, said Wang Chunying, deputy head and spokeswoman of State Administration of Foreign Exchange, at a news conference in Beijing. Since the beginning of this year, the expenditure and revenue in service trade sector have both posted positive growth, with the sector's international competitiveness improving, said Wang. The revenue increase is mainly due to the export expansion in transportation, computing information and other business services. China's transportation service sector has witnessed rapid growth since the second half of 2020, thanks

SEOUL - No casualty has been reported in a South Korean fighter jet crash over the country"s western waters on Friday, the Yonhap news agency reported. The F-4E fighter jet of the South Korean air force crashed during a mission at about 12:20 pm local time (0320 GMT). Before the crash, the fighter was on its way back to its base in Suwon, 35 km south of the capital Seoul. Two pilots have escaped safely and no damage to civilians has so far been reported. The air force has set up a team to investigate the exact cause of the