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After the recent events in Afghanistan, this prediction, written completely by an AI algorithm seems believable. China wants the ability to invade and hold Taiwan within the next six years but might not intend to do so in the near term, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley told Congress today. Milley said congressional testimony earlier this year from former U.S. Indo-Pacific Command commander Adm. Phil Davidson and current INDOPACOM commander Adm. John Aquilino that China was preparing to take Taiwan within the next six years was based on comments Chinese leader Xi Jinping made to the

A man has been hospitalized in southwestern China after contracting the H5N6 strain of avian flu, Chinese state news media reported on Thursday, a reminder that the world is full of flu viruses even during a coronavirus pandemic. What is bird flu? Bird flu is the name for several types of influenza viruses that infect birds. All three major bird flu strains now circulating are categorized as severe: H5N1, which is responsible for the deaths of nearly 450 people in humans since 2003, and H5N2 and H5N8, which are causing more sporadic outbreaks. How do bird flu viruses spread to

It's a suspicion that the coronavirus may have escaped, accidentally or otherwise, from a laboratory in the central Chinese city of Wuhan where the virus was first recorded. Its supporters point to the presence of a major biological research facility in the city. The Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) has been studying coronaviruses in bats for over a decade. The institute is a 40-minute drive from the Huanan wet market where the first cluster of infections emerged in Wuhan. The coronavirus is a zoonotic virus. What does this mean? Zoonotic refers to diseases that are transmitted from animals to humans.