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Berita Lainnya: Diskon PPnBM 100% Mobil Baru Ada Tanda-Tanda Lanjut di 2022 Link: Amerika Serikat yang saat ini merupakan raja militer dunia sedang ketar-ketir, pasalnya perkembangan militer dan alutsista negara rivalnya China dikabarkan sangat cepat. Hingga klasemen Upah Minimum Kota (UMK) tertinggi di Indonesia kini bergeser dari Kabupaten Karawang kepada Kota Bekasi// Selengkapnya dalam program Evening Up CNBC Indonesia (Rabu, 01/12/2021) berikut ini. Terus ikuti berita ekonomi bisnis dan analisis mendalam hanya di CNBC Indonesia terafiliasi dengan CNBC Internasional dan beroperasi di bawah grup Transmedia dan tergabung bersama Trans TV, Trans7, Detikcom, Transvision, CNN Indonesia dan CNN CNBC Indonesia

The European Commission on Wednesday announced an international infrastructure plan called "Global Gateway," which aims to mobilize €300 billion ($340 billion) in public and private infrastructure investment. The plan is "global in scope, adapting to the needs and strategic interests of different regions," and is being seen as a European effort to challenge China's Belt and Road Initiative, which was launched in 2013 and funds infrastructure projects in the developing world. Critics say China's plan traps recipients in debt. "We want to make Global Gateway a trusted brand that stands out because of high quality, reliable standards and high level

Citizen journalist Zhang Zhan is in a Chinese prison for reporting from Wuhan during the height of the city's coronavirus outbreak in 2020. Her family says she is on hunger strike and could be near death. All calls for her release have gone unheeded. "Zhang Zhan distributed independent information on what happened in Wuhan," the managing director of Reporters Without Borders Germany, Christian Mihr, told DW. He asked Germany and the EU to be more outspoken ahead of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. Subscribe: For more news go to: Follow DW on social media: ►Facebook: ►Twitter: ►Instagram: Für Videos