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Intensified efforts to activate the potential of industrial data will help boost the integrative development of "5G plus industrial internet", contributing to the upgrade of traditional sectors, industry experts said on Monday. The remarks came after the nation"s top industry regulator called for efforts to explore the construction of big data trading platforms and improve the level of data management and utilization over the weekend. "In the past 30 years, we have developed a consumer-oriented digital economy, such as e-commerce platforms. But future development is more about industrial digital economy, such as industrial internet and intelligent manufacturing," said Sun Ke,

China's call to advance the sound growth of the digital economy, including the industrial internet, will drive the digital transformation of manufacturing sectors for higher-quality growth, industry insiders and company executives said. They spoke after China's top leadership recently emphasized the importance of promoting the digital economy's development, saying that it is strategically significant to seize new opportunities from the latest scientific and industrial revolution. The leadership called the digital economy a key force in restructuring the global economy and transforming the competitive landscape. The internet, big data, cloud computing and other technologies are being increasingly integrated into all sectors

China"s top industry regulator unveiled a five-year plan on Tuesday to accelerate the integration of digital and real economies amid a broader push to lay down policy framework for the nation's industrial development until 2025. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said accelerating the deep integration of information technologies in all industrial chains is of great significance to promote industrial digitization and digital industrialization in the new era. According to the five-year plan, the ministry will adopt five special initiatives, including promoting manufacturing digital transformation and industrial internet platforms, to advance industrial upgrade. Xie Shaofeng, director of the information