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Human rights group Safeguard Defenders says Beijing has pressured governments to deport at least 600 Taiwan nationals to the mainland instead of the self-ruled island.Beijing has been pressuring foreign governments to extradite Taiwan nationals to China as part of an effort to undermine the self-ruled island, says human rights group Safeguard Defenders, and the pressure has increased since Tsai Ing-wen was elected president five years ago. The China-focused human rights group’s investigation showed that at least 610 Taiwanese were extradited or deported by foreign governments to China instead of Taiwan between 2016 and 2019 — mostly from countries in Asia

Nasry Asfura, the ruling party candidate in the Honduras election, has conceded to his opposition rival, Xiomara Castro, who will become the country’s first female president and the country’s first left-wing leader in 12 years. Calling Castro “president elect”, National Party contender Nasry Asfura said he visited his opponent at her family home to offer his congratulations for winning Sunday’s vote. “Now I want to say publicly, I congratulate her on her victory,” Asfura said in a video broadcast on local television, alongside photos of the two rivals hugging and smiling. Castro, whose husband Manuel Zelaya was overthrown in a

Taipei, Taiwan – Taiwan’s swift decision to shut its borders during the early days of the pandemic earned it a low death rate and sense of normalcy that made it the envy of the world. Nearly two years later, the self-ruled island may be a victim of its early success, some experts say, as health authorities continue to pursue an isolationist “zero COVID-19” policy despite the widespread availability of vaccines. “People in Taiwan have been – let me use a strong word – ‘spoiled’ with the good life and with that there’s a low tolerance on any community outbreak,” Chunhuei Chi,