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Xi Jinping’s China is displaying a superpower’s ambition. Only a few years ago, many American observers still hoped that China would reconcile itself to a supporting role in the liberal international order or would pose—at most—a challenge to U.S. influence in the Western Pacific. The conventional wisdom was that China would seek an expanded regional role—and a reduced U.S. role—but would defer to the distant future any global ambitions. Now, however, the signs that China is gearing up to contest America’s global leadership are unmistakable, and they are ubiquitous. How China is prepared for the 21st century By 2016, China

Next year offers two great opportunities for nature and climate. The second (26th) Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), known as COP26, will take place in Glasgow, UK, in November to discuss how to make global progress on climate change. The international community has also agreed on a new Paris-style agreement for nature, called the Global Framework for Biodiversity after 2020. [Sources: 4] At a time when the planet is facing an interconnected health, climate and nature crisis, the UK Presidency of UNFCCC COP26 offers an unprecedented opportunity for British leadership on

Established in April 2020, China Research Group (CRG) is now working as a research centre for Sino-British relations in the wake of increasing China’s assertiveness and nationalistic sentiments of the Communist Party of China. The CRG has been founded by Conservative MPs of the UK’s Tory party to promote a new debate and come up with better policies for UK-China relations. The group is led by Tom Tugendhat MP who also heads the Foreign Affairs Select Committee of UK and Neil O’Brian, the MP for Harborough and former director of the Policy Exchange think tank. Other members of the CRG