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Chinese companies are dauntlessly facing the uphill battle of carbon emission reductions in line with the national goals, and are evolving practical action plans and allocating substantial investment to promote the low-carbon transition, experts said. Developing renewable energy, optimizing production processes, improving energy efficiency in some key fields like transportation and construction and developing carbon capture and storage technology could emerge as top priorities for companies, knowledgeable consultants said. For instance, Boston Consulting Group published a book titled China"s Pathway to Net Zero, which suggests different road maps for companies in seven major industries, including energy, automobile, construction and finance,

Nation to maintain continuity, stability and sustainability of its macro policy Despite the threats posed by COVID-19 variants and supply constraints, China is on track to achieve economic growth well above its target this year with a controllable inflation level, officials and experts said. Vice-Premier Liu He said China's economy has continuously recovered this year and its full-year GDP growth is projected to exceed the expected target. Indicators of growth, employment, prices and international payments have overall remained at a normal level since the beginning of the year, Liu said on Tuesday while addressing the Hamburg Summit via a video

Specialists laud efforts to sustain growth, expand investment China"s push to implement major projects has accelerated recently, signaling the country's key step to foster sustained steady growth and expand effective investment amid downward pressure, said experts. Experts projected more steps from policymakers to support the economy in response to mounting uncertainties both at home and abroad, such as stabilizing investment, speeding up the issuance and use of local government bonds and accelerating project approvals, to help alleviate downward pressures on growth next year. This year, various areas have been speeding up construction of major projects, especially in advanced manufacturing fields