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An alliance of 39 countries rebuked China at UN for its actions at Hong Kong and Xinjiang. This group included the UK, Us and Germany. The allegations include forced labour, killings, torture and sterilization.   The German ambassador Christopher Heusgen said, “Widespread surveillance disproportionately continues to target Uighurs and other minorities, and more reports are emerging of forced labour and forced birth control including sterilization.” He also said that the Chinese authorities should respect basic human rights such as freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom of the press.   Beijing retaliated by saying that the camps holding hundreds

An “unnamed” senior Government official hushed up an Intelligence report on China’s growing influence in Germany, Axios reported.   The Intelligence report detailed the Chinese Communist Government’s attempt to influence Germany holistically. After investing in hundreds of German firms, China seems to have big plans for Germany.   Why was it hushed? Mutual economic development between China and the EU, of which Germany is a huge part, is vital to both the countries. The report could throw a harsh light on trade ties between German businesses and the Chinese government. Before that could happen, a high-ranking official interfered. Axios notes

The US-China Trade Policy framework, also referred to as the China-US dialogue mechanism and the China-US economic partnership plan, describes the current US approach to dealing with China. It is a framework that is designed to bring an end to the current state of confusion that has been prevailing in the US-Chinese relationship since the mid-1990s. The framework has two elements: the dialogue between the two countries and the trade policy that the Chinese government implements as it seeks to establish greater economic power in its own right, without having to depend on the US. The framework also defines the