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Greg Kremer stopped by Denh Sin, an evergreen Asian market, to get an envelope from a worker at his favorite Chinese restaurant. The tradition is to come up with a crisp bill for happiness and happiness. On the market is a lucky envelope with flowers, Koi fish and a cute cat, a 99-cent packet for six. It's perfect for a Valentine's Day card. [Sources: 5] People gathered at Dia Tang Temple in Lynnwood on Friday to offer prayers and wishes for the New Year. People stocked up in the store's special Christmas section with red decorations, bamboo candy and lucky

The whole world has been affected by the pandemic, but few industries have been hit as hard as commercial air travel. Not since the shutdown of flights following the World Trade Center attacks, the worldwide SARS pandemic, and the global recession of 2008, has the airline industry been so close to ruin. As the world struggles to recover, what will be the impact of the pandemic on the airline industry? 1. Loss of Revenue In 2020, the global estimate of the loss in revenue alone was 391 billion USD [1], and with the pandemic still ravaging the world, the estimates

According to the Pew Research Poll 2020, negative impressions about China have reached a historic high in most Western countries including the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Canada and the USA. The polling had begun ten years ago, but China had never been in a more unfavourable position than it is in 2020. In the UK, almost three-quarters of the population (raising the number by 19%) see China in a negative light. In the USA, negative views of China had already increased since 20% ever since Trump assumed office. The numbers shot up by another 13% in 2020. This rise