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The China Association of Performing Arts issued a notice on Tuesday, listing 88 livestreaming anchors with a record of illegal activities or improper conduct. According to the notice, online companies should not allow the "blacklisted" individuals to livestream from their platforms until further orders. This is the ninth warning list from the CAPA. But what has attracted special attention this time is that those on the "blacklist" include actors and actresses such as Wu Yifan, who is in custody for suspected rape; Zheng Shuang, who was fined earlier this year for evading tax; and Zhang Zhehan, who recently posted photographs

Presiding over a meeting of top officials of some local governments in Shanghai recently, Premier Li Keqiang urged local authorities and relevant departments to create a favorable environment for the development of market entities, and not adopt a one-size-fits-all approach. Since the beginning of this year, the Chinese economy has maintained steady growth. However, the economy still faces some uncertainties at home and abroad that could affect development. This calls for more comprehensive and effective measures after taking into consideration all the difficulties faced by the economy. In fact, the Shanghai meeting called on local and relevant departments to adopt

Yang Tianzhen, a plus-size model, has been making a splash at several fashion shows, stealing the thunder from a number of slim models. Such has been Yang's presence on the ramp that she has become a talking point on social networking sites. Yang, an entertainment businessperson, has also signed contracts with five plus-size models, prompting some people to say that that's the secret behind her rising popularity. However, she is the only established plus-size model in China and her efforts deserve encouragement and applause at a time when the red carpet is dominated by slim, fair and young models. The