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Following the Federal Reserve's interest rate hike and the monetary policy shift of Western countries, China should hold a cautious approach and base its monetary policy on its concrete economic conditions and development trend. China and the United States' economic cycles are not synchronized. The US has robust investment and consumption and inflation remains high while China urgently needs to boost investment and consumption and relieve its employment pressure. The two countries naturally have different monetary policy focus and policy tools. While the Fed raises interest rates to control inflation, China needs to maintain enough liquidity to keep its economic

At least 46 migrants were found dead inside a tractor-trailer in San Antonio, Texas, on Tuesday, in a case of believed human smuggling along the United States-Mexico border. Sixteen others have been sent to hospital, while the police are looking for more people in the nearby forest. The police believe there were 100 people, half of whom might have died. There are so many migrant deaths in the US that it is hard to recall all similar cases. The condition of migrants who make it to the US is no better, as some of them ultimately end up in detention

The Bank for International Settlements announced on Saturday that it and the People"s Bank of China have jointly established a Renminbi Liquidity Arrangement to create a reserve pool for providing liquidity support to participating central banks during market volatility in the future. At a time when the United States Federal Reserve is accelerating the pace of interest rate hikes and balance sheet reduction, and the international financial market is facing the potential risk of large fluctuations, the establishment of such an arrangement not only helps enhance the ability of emerging economies, but also represents the latest progress of the renminbi's