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Bang the drums. Gird up your loins. The trade war is hotting up. If you’re interested and invested in Chinese tech, you need to prepare yourselves for any one of many difficult possibilities that lie ahead. The U.S. and Chinese governments have been at each other’s throats since 2018. Presidents of each country increased tariffs on imported goods. They slowed down the other’s economy. We felt the consequences on a global scale. Woven into this contentious narrative is the issue of data privacy within certain Chinese-based apps like TikTok. To make matters worse, this happened after intellectual property theft from

The UK bans Huawei from its 5G Network Huwaei excluded from UK’s 5G Network British mobile carriers warn against removing Huawei citing ‘blackouts’ Is Huawei’s ban from Britain’s 5G network in favour of national security? UK newspapers have been flooded with headlines about Huawei's’ ban from involvement in Great Britain’s 5G Telecom sector. Here’s all you need to know about Huawei’s involvement in the British telecom sector and what it means for you To gain a better insight into Huawei’s exit from the UK’s telecommunication sector, let us travel back in time and gain an understanding of Huawei’s entry into

George Osborne, the erstwhile Chancellor of Exchequer, visited China in 2015 to cement the economic partnership between the two nations. He had commented that "China and Britain stand on the brink of a golden decade of cooperation." Looking back after last fortnight's developments banning Huawei from Britain, it seems to have been wishful thinking that ended half a decade too early. To add to the already strained relationship, Britain has offered 350,000 citizens of Hong Kong asylum in Britain if they wished to escape the draconian new security laws enacted at the behest of Beijing. Huawei's investment in British telecom